Oh, dang. It looks like either one of the hotel housekeepers, or some interloper who took advantage of the open door during my room’s cleaning, stole my crappy old phone. It’s crappy and old, and I have a new one; so, I don’t care about the phone. I was just using it as an alarm clock and repository of rabbit photos. But now I don’t know what to do about the room. If the cleaners are either stealing stuff or leave rooms unguarded and vulnerable during cleaning, then I ought to say something about it so that the remainder of our and our fellow guests’ time in the hotel is more or less secure. However, in a country like China, there are no employee rights. They’d probably all just be canned — and maybe end up destitute — rather than the hotel making any effort to see what happened. And, it might well have been an honest mistake, like inadvertantly bundling my phone of with the laundry. (But I’m pretty sure the hotel and the cleaners would be unwilling to admit to such an error, even if though I wouldn’t mind at all.) Really struggling with this one… (In other news, since my old phone served as my alarm clock, and since I misprogrammed the less familiar replacement alarm, I overslept this morning and missed coffee and breakfast. Grrr… Grumpy Shannon.)