A package of Chinese brioche, with a detailed description on the label

“If they cannot afford bread, why not take Brioche!” said by the famous Queen Marie, wife of Louise VXI in 18 century. And as a consequence of this, the French revolution broke out. Originated from Roman Empire traditional holiday delicacy, Brioche became the representative snack in later French palace.

In 1860, Bloom brothers, who were born in French imperial chef family, left the imperial cook position handed down by fathers and founded a hand-made bakery named “Brioche”, which served the Pairs new rich after industry revolution with insist using high quality materials and pure hand making techniques. With 150 years non-stop developing, Brioche, the French-style bakery, finally finds the love of new people in Pairs.

Worth of Having, Taste the sweet of Life – Brioche, the French-style bakery.